Forex Trade Mogul Competition is a unique and exciting Online Forex Trading Simulation, created and developed by Forex Arena that aims to provide Kenyans a chance to experience trading in international Forex currency pair’s i.e. EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF among others FX pairs and CFD trading i.e. Gold, Oil, Indices among others CFD. This competition is intended for Kenyans only to experience trading in international Forex markets with real-time prices. You will be able to test your analytical skills and risk appetite against professional traders. 

Forex Trading is buying low and selling high or selling high and then buying low, depending on how you anticipate the market moving. Buy if you feel the market is going to go up. If you feel the market is set to come down, sell and buy later when it’s down.

Are you good at it? Do you like it? In general, Successful Forex Trading is less about your academic foundation and more about your skills and personal abilities. Successful traders come from all academic disciplines, especially those that require strong numerate and analytical skills. You may not have knowledge of international markets, but market information and analytical reports are provided on the Forex Arena website as part of the trading simulation.

Terms and conditions

  1. Forex Trade Mogul Competition will commence on 10th November 2017 and end on 10th January 2018. Registration to participate in the competition is open now and will stay open until the end of the competition on 10th January 2018 at 23:59GMT. This is the opportunity to win, with no risk and no entry fee, 24/7 you can trade anywhere and anytime using your Laptop/ Tablet/ iPad / Mobile Phone or trade on any web browser.
  2. On your Forex Trade Mogul Competition Account you will be allocated $ 50,000 in Virtual currency which is equivalent to Ksh 5,000,000 and Contest Accounts will be set only in USD currency. You are required to trade the money on all Forex Currency and generate as much profit as you can and minimize your loss as you can. The ranking of the competition will be based only on profit and loss (PnL) on your account and it will be posted daily on the ranking section.
  3. Registration is open and you can start practicing now up-to 10th November 2017 on your Forex Trade Mogul Competition Account. All the Forex Trade Mogul Competition Account account will be reset back to $ 50,000 before the competition starts on 10th November 2017.
  4. All positions that are open at end of Forex Trade Mogul Competition on 10th January 2018 at 11:59 PM Kenyan Time will be automatically closed at prevailing market prices
  5. Cash prizes awaiting the winners are real money! *All prizes are credited in a Live Account.
    • Grand Winner USD 2,000 ( equivalent to Ksh 200,000)
    • First Runners Up USD 1,000 (equivalent to Ksh 100,000)
    • Second Runners Up USD 750 (equivalent to Ksh 75,000)
  6. Any participant trying to take advantage of the Forex Trade Mogul Competition by opening multiple trading accounts will be banned from participating in the Forex Trade Mogul Competition effective immediately. For any participant who has opened multiple accounts, only the trading account with the lowest performance will be taken into account. All other accounts setup under the same name will be considered void.
  7. Terms & Conditions apply

Registered participants will receive their MT4 competition account immediately via email after signup; follow the instruction there after to set up your MT4 trading platform for the competition on your Laptop/ Tablet/ iPad / Mobile Phone or trade on any web browser. If you did not receive your login details or encounter any challenge then please contact support: +254720901140 or CONTACT US ON LIVE CHAT.

Dorcas Mutanu


Grand Winner

Alice Mueni


First Runners Up



Second Runners Up

Top 25 Ranking

( Thursday 11/1/2018 )

Ranking Login Name Equity % of 50k
1 20547755 Dorcas Mutanu - [Demo] 1775%
2 20532766 Alice Mueni - [Demo] 260%
3 20540685 BENARD KANURI - [Demo] 162%
4 20536390 Nahashon Muchiri - [Demo] 159%
5 20539856 Reinhard Ondieki - [Demo] 117%
6 20538954 Beatrice 88%
7 20532984 Kennedy Mutunga - [Demo] 83%
8 20536574 Chris 69%
9 20556442 james 67%
10 20544612 Kelvin Maina - [Demo] 64%
11 20549404 Charles Wachira 61%
12 20555000 edward 60%
13 20539865 Vivianne Karanja - [Demo] 57%
14 20544886 SWING HARMONIC 55%
15 20554530 misJulz 47%
16 20546915 James Mathenge 45%
17 20548481 David Gathaga - [Demo] 44%
18 20550112 COMPETITION DEMO 43%
19 20548474 David Gathaga - [Demo] 42%
20 20548462 David Gathaga - [Demo] 41%
21 20540062 Antony Musyoka - [Demo] 34%
22 20550756 jeffmitei 33%
23 20540743 Nyakwara mayaka - [Demo] 32%
24 20547801 Alfred Gioko - [Demo] 31%
25 20547079 joseph maina - [Demo] 29%

For Inquiries

Calvin Kirochi